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Steve Marshall

Japan - 090-4600-9823

USA - 407-792-2344

About Steve

Steve Marshall is known around the world as the “Ambassador of Magic from the USA.” This is not only for his award winning magic shows but also for bridging the gap between magicians of the east and west through his lectures and writings on magic. 

Steve began his magical career at just eight years old when he received a magic set for Christmas. He was trained in the art of physical comedy and clowning at the famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown college in Florida before touring with the circus as a clown, magician, and fire eater for five years. 

After leaving the circus Steve moved to New York City with the thought, “if I can make it there I’ll make it anywhere” and spent the next three years performing in comedy clubs, corporate functions and learning the art of street performing on the streets of New York City!

Steve then began working for the Walt Disney company where he created and performed his magic shows in their parks in California, Florida, and Tokyo. 

Steve decided to stay in Tokyo and has become known there not only as a magician but also a comic actor for television commercials. He has been the featured actor in commercials for companies such as SONY, IKEA, KITSON, and McDonalds when he portrayed the lovable, and comical,  “Mr. James” for a series of six national commercials, and public appearances all over Japan for the hamburger chain’s big summer and fall campaign. 

Whether performing card tricks for a small intimate audience,  presenting his large scale “Las Vegas style” illusion stage show, or appearing on Chinese TV for an audience of over one hundred million people, Steve just likes to entertain and create wonder and joy for people of all ages with his special brand of magic and performance. 

2010 - present
2010 - present

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